Tonk Water Supply Ltd is working with Rajasthan Urban Infrastructure Development Project (RUIDP) and will be constructing water supply distribution network for Tonk which is the district headquarter in Rajasthan. The company will be constructing water supply distribution network, improvement with house service connections for non-revenue water reduction and continuous water supply, providing sewer network with house connections, construction of sewage treatment plant and allied works, and operation services of the entire system for 10 years.

The total population of Tonk city is 165000 & the no of households are in range of 40000. The company is working with RUIDP since September 2015.

The company is awarded for the work by the RUIDP through a competitive bidding process- in the initial phase company will design & install SCADA system for better monitoring on the water & sewerage network and company will also responsible for Operations & Maintenance for a period of 10 Years.

As part of the contract, company will be responsible for billing & collection. The water supply for the city will be done from Bisalpur dam. The company has mandate to construct 430 KM water supply network & will provide connection to 28000 households. It will build 4 elevated service reservoir of from 500 KL to 1250 KL & will provide four customer relationship management center & a central control center.

Apart from this, it will construct 250 km sewage network, two Sewage Treatment plant, 4 MLD Soran, 16MLD Moliapura & 1 Sewage Pumpong station with a capacity of 16 MLD. The treated water will be used for agriculture and non – drinking purposes.

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