There is an increasing need to develop, distribute and manage water systems & resources, especially for portable applications. Looking at the tremendous opportunities in this sector, Smart Utilities has undertaken water treatment, Water distribution & sewage management projects for surface water solutions.

Smart Utilities has plans aggressive roll-out of water distribution projects under Public-Private Partnership model, and will aim to achieve qualitative water supply and management from source to tap by implementing the latest technologies e.g. Hydraulic Modelling, SCADA/Automation. The projects will improve the services through increased water availability and refurbished distribution network.

The company has specialised know-how in revamping water distribution infrastructure including construction & operation of head works, laying of water pipelines, and installation of pumping machinery & electrical equipment, management of water treatment plant including recirculation sump, Master Balancing Reservoir / elevated service reservoirs and ground service reservoirs.

Smart Utilities will aim at enhancing the lives of everyone while channelizing the flow of wellness in the form of pure drinking water & is committed towards equitable distribution of water.

We have water distribution projects operational in Aurangabad (Maharashtra), Bhagalpur (Bihar), Tonk (Rajasthan)